Rural - development - Katarkhadak

SSY is actively involved in generating higher collective consciousness in villages in India.

An example is the village of Indur (near Dharwad) where through the Inspirational Leadership Training Programme, villagers were inspired to work together to harness the resources they already had in order to raise crops on 1800 acres. Prior to this collective effort, they were able to raise crops only on 80 acres.

This large increase brought great prosperity to the village and now similar work is being undertaken in the surrounding villages. Guruji foresees that once a few model villages have been built, enough national attention will be drawn to change the quality of village life everywhere in India.

Another case in point is the splendid work currently happening at Katarkhadak village, Dist : Mulshi, Pune.

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Guruji has rediscovered Gandhiji's dream for village: he has envisioned a new possibility
Of strengthening the process of building 'New Age Villages'.