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Power Of Intension

Our Vision
To develop leaders who live in truth and serve the world selfesssly, thereby bringing about world peace.

What is POI (Power of Intention)?

We all live in particular patterns!

  •  POI helps us in identifying our old patterns and further helps us in changing those to new dynamic ones.
  •  In other words, it first de-programs us and then re-programs us in a way wherein webecome very dynamic and, at the same time, very relaxed!

What does POI teach?

It teaches powerful principles like:

Living in ‘anything is possible’

    • Valuing time
    • Thinking big and positive
    • Living in abundance
    • Taking life as a challenge
    • Living a life of service
    • Living healthy
    • Freeing oneself from disturbances
    • Freeing oneself from superstitions
    • Living in gratitude
    • Taking action on one’s visions
    • Taking out time for one’s hobbies.

What happens in POI?

    • As we grow in age, we start having many fixed beliefs. Most of these beliefs start limiting our lives and we gradually become very cautious, fearful and afraid to live dynamically.
    • Our ability to venture into adventure increases.
    • POI helps us in breaking our limiting beliefs in all areas such as money,health,emotions, prejudicesregarding gender, religion etc., as well as superstitions.
    • It also helps us to identify what disturbs us and which situation creates fear in us
    • Once we are able to identify these, then a new self is born, and we start to live with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

"Richness is when you have what you are in the need of, at that moment. " - Guruji

Contents of the programme

Importance of having an intention
Most people drift through life without direction, purpose or goal. Having a vision is the first step towards a fulfilling life.

Mechanism of manifesting the vision

A step-by-step guide to ensuring that the vision manifests effortlessly every time.


Staying commited to any project or task differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people.

Paradigm of abundance

Most people operate in the mode of ‘lacking’ and attract ‘lacking’ in their lives. A shift from ‘lacking’ to ‘abundance’ spells success.

Breaking our Limiting Beliefs

People get stuck in patterns of behaviour which hinder their growth.Valuing your own time is an indication of self-worth and self-respect.

Magic of Seva Bhav 

If you help others to get what they want, the universe helps you to get what you want.
Awaken the seva bhav in your heart.


  1. Power of Intention (POI) is a 9-week programme where we meet once in a week for 2 hours (sessions).
  2. POI can be conducted with any group of people with a strength of 20 or more in their office itself.