Corporate Trainings

As an organisation, we give equal weightage to inner as well as outer prosperity.

India was extra-ordinarily enlightened in the Rigvedic period (about 5000 years back). This enlightement led to tremendous outer prosperity and the country was tremendously rich.

All this was because the whole Indian development model was based on what we can call ‘INSIDE OUT’ way of development. 

In this model, inner growth of the human being led to growth of the world outside. This was our valued secret. Over the years, we lost this secret. Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar re-discovered this secret and also intuited a formal Sadhana procedure for total unfoldment of an individual’s potential.

He realised way back that the growth of an organisation is the outcome of the inner growth of the top person and the quality of consciousness of all the employees of the organisation.

This approach is our special edge in our corporate trainings. Additionally, we facilitate turn-around turnarounds in an organisation’s productivity.

Productivity of an organization is a direct function of the productivity of its people. Productivity of its people depends on a variety of aspects like their :

  • Work Ethics.
  • Vision they carry related to their work domain.
  • Time management skills.
  • Execution only after planning.
  • Team-working skills.
  • Ease with technology.

Our special edge also lies not just in instruction but in compassionate followup and ensuring ongoing implementation of all that we instruct.

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"Management is about managing oneself and 
                 discovering something within oneself." -Guruji