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Global Religious harmony

The world has been waiting for a new religious order to come. We have been waiting for a world where unity, love and brotherhood are the religions.

At the moment, this is actually happening through the persistent efforts of Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar.


Breaking the Barriers of Religion

“We have been fighting foolishly, telling [each other], ‘My religion is greater than yours!’. What does it matter whether we call him Allah or Rama? We all came from earth; we shall all go back to the earth. All religions have taught the same principles.

Islam is not meant only for Muslims. It is meant for all. A true follower of Islam holds everyone as his brother [and] not merely those accidently born into a Muslim family. What is important is to be in the presence of God, feeling the grace." This was told by Imam Syed Maqbool Ahmed on 15 February 1996, at Gubbi Ashram, near Bangalore.

It was the month of Ramzan, of fasting and prayer; on our request, the Imam conducted the 6 o’clock Namaz for everyone. It was the first time that many had done the Namaz. Our Presbyterian Priest, Rev. D. Jayapaul, from the church joined in the Namaz, along with his group which had joined us for the Global Religious Harmony Conference. It was probably the first day that many Hindus, Muslims and Christians had hugged each other in true love and devotion. The hall was filled with vibrations of the bliss of friendliness, and a huge barrier had come down, comparable, but much bigger in its impact, to the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

A new era in relationships was opened up for the citizens of the town of Gubbi. It was not merely a ‘let us learn to somehow get along’ meet. It was an awakening of true trust. It all happened in a prayer together and not in a conference room to resolve conflicts. In the presence of God, only wonderful feelings emanate, and that builds true friendship. The purpose of the conference and of all religions had been achieved in a few minutes of prayer.

All the participants took the oath to visit a mosque and do Namaz on Fridays, visit a church and pray on Sundays, and visit a temple once a week. It was a historic occasion for many. It was the fulfillment of Guruji’s dream!

Religious Harmony Everywhere

Such a conference in the Dodda Maralwadi Ashram near Bangalore has brought the Imam and the local Sri Mrutyunjaya Swamiji of the Lingayat Mutt very close. Every such worship has been an eye opener for one and all. It happened on 8th March 1996 at a mosque at Atarsumba near Ahmedabad, as well. Guruji Rishi Prabhakar was the first person to be invited for the Namaz by Moulvi Pirzada Saiyed Asgar Ali Abdulmiya, in his lifetime. The Moulvi invited Guruji to stay in Gujarat and bring home the message of love and togetherness among the Hindu and Muslim communities. He blessed his mission and offered the whole-hearted support of his 2.5 lakh followers in Gujarat.

The same happened at Hyderabad on 10th March 1996 when Guruji met the president of the Jamai-e-Islamia of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, along with Hammebulla Shariff, the Telugu translator of the Holy Quran, at a public function. Similar gatherings are taking place at many of the over 200 centres of RSVK, particularly at Solapur, Sangli, Aurangabad, Pune, Mumbai and Ahmednagar, all in Maharashtra.

India is a land that welcomes and can absorb all faiths. We can have Christ temples and Allah temples as easily as we can have a Buddha temple or a Shankar temple. The greatness of a culture lies in its capacity to absorb other cultures and ability to have everyone experience the all inclusiveness of their own culture. Now is the time for this last span to be bridged by all of us and to let our country be the light of the whole world.

The Last Bridge Built

We have been trading, working and eating together, but we are not praying together. This is the last span to be bridged by the present enlightened generation consisting of all religions. Religions, which are meant to give you solace and harmony, have been used by immature politicians to instigate separateness by propagating the false belief of ‘I am holier than you’. These final barriers are being brought down by people who experience themselves as just ‘nobodies’. The essential purpose of any prayer is our transformation, by letting us experience our ‘nobodiness’ and God’s ever-pervasive presence and grace.

Let us pray together. Let all those who have realised the truth go to all places of worship and be the catalysts for this global transformation. Once the hearts are together, all other understandings follow. Beware: ‘I I am holier than you’ is the Satan attacking mankind. We should actively go, participate and involve everyone in this global endeavour as missionaries of love. Every global teacher, whether it is Christ, Mohammed or Shankara, came to impart the right understanding to mankind for that particular time and place, and every one of these masters is worthy of adoration.


"Meditate everyday. Clear yourself more & more and
               Your natural ability to love will go on increasing."
- Guruji