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Money Insights

Money Insights is a unique training in investments in capital markets which trains the participant to invest in such a way that he generates profits whether the market goes up or down.

The course provides a detailed compilation of rules and techniques developed over investments for many years in the financial markets.

What makes  Mi unique?

Mi is the only training of its type which debunks conventional wisdom and puts the traditional stock investment philosophy on its head.It is like creating a 'Heads I win, Tails you lose' – type of position for oneself.

It believes in making money out of market movement instead of market improvement.

What is the duration?

The programme consists of six interactive sessions of four hours each followed by informal talk over dinner.

Who is qualified to enroll?

Anyone – professional, corporate executive, entrepreneur, house-wife, student - who wishes to invest his money in the most profitable & sustainable way so as to provide consistent monthly cash income.

Mi helps you to:

  • Be a super-investor in the financial markets.
  • Compound the value of  your  portfolio very rapidly.
  • Safe-guard against market fluctuations on the negative side.
  • Understand the subtle rules of financial markets.
  • Cast away the misguidance you have always receive in traditional stock investments.
  • Decrease the risk of stock ownership

"Give to others what you aspire for and watch the miracle..."  - Guruji