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Annaprasad Kshetra

Food security is one of the very basic needs. Collective sharing of food at least once a week leads to a tremendous feeling of togetherness and caring for the community. Hundreds of such centres are active, located in the towns and villages, in India. There is a special wing to promote this activity.

Many patients coming to the hospitals from far-off villages need food support in towns. The inspired SSY teachers and volunteers take up the co-ordination and organisation of such distribution on a daily basis in many towns. One particular example is the AnnaprasadKshetra we run in Aurangabad in which a variety of people, including working youth, come twice a day to have their meals at a most reasonable rate. These centres also double up as centres for a variety of other humanitarian activities taken up by us.

All our ashrams now have regular Anna Prasad Kshetras; people from the neighbouring villages are most welcome to come and partake of the food with love.


"Annadana Kshetra is a step towards revitalizing our culture actively, everywhere." - Guruji