Community Living

A. Healthy lifestyle: This is to be achieved by living in fresh air, eating together healthy foods, practising group exercise and yoga etc.

B. Joyful living in togetherness : This is brought about by living together, playing together, eating together, as well as by enabling children to work, eat and learn together in a gurukulam.

C. Global cooling: This is effected by sharing common resources, massive afforestation and pursuing extensive                         horticulture.

D. Sadhana : Sadhana is possible through regular SSY and advanced programmes, through meditation centres.

E. Seva : Seva is done through rural development by way of free medical facilities to villagers, free school, free SSY, ISP         to neighbouring villages.

All in all, Community Living will bring a lot of economic advantage and a big change in the way of living, enriching us physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.                                

Guruji’s Message

1.  Community members must live with the spirit of community, always sharing the resources they have for mutual good.

2.  Members share the food together as a common minimum programme as that is the only occasionon which                     everybody is on a single platform.

3.  The growth and development of children with the feeling that they are a part of a large community and expanding        their vision to include the whole world is an important part of the culture of a community.

4.  Older people being looked after like parents of the community is another important aspect of the culture.

5.  Individual wealth naturally increases with community sharing. It is impossible for people living in nuclear families to            imagine such great wealth as compared to when they are part of a large community.

6.  The community way of living and conduct is a very attractive alternative and there will be constant rush for                     enrolment to enlarge the community. This is due to prosperity, kindness and willingness to share in the community, and     due to active invitation to newcomers to join and enjoy unprecedented prosperity. The co-operative society owns the      land, but the running of the place is taken care of by the co-operative society and the community.

7.  There will always be enough for everyone when one follows the community way of living. Hundreds of communities          will spring up on their own.

8.  The more the number of people wanting to join the community, the more is the strength of the community.

9.  All the members of the community train themselves to be examplesin sharing their individual wealth and expertise for      the common good of mankind.

10. Community living is an experiment, an experience and a focal point for worldwide prosperity, peace and joy of life.

All those who wish to partake of this experiment and experience are welcome to be a part of RishiNiketan, our community living project in our Ashram at Pune (Katarkhadak Hills).

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