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Government of Wisdom

In an enlightened democracy, there are no ‘elections’ but only ‘selections’ of the wise by the wise. Anybody who stands for elections is an idiot, the one who campaigns is a weakling, and the one who votes is a fool.

In an enlightened society, small groups select the wisest among them to represent them. The wisest do not have to campaign. Their whole life has to be a campaign for the community.

The selected wise from these small groups makes up the next higher committee. At no time is there an election held. In this context, the whole process works, no matter who the selected chief is. This is because “everyone is working as a ‘self-appointed chief’, doing whatever he can, as a chief would have.”

The primary responsibility of the leader, then, is not about passing legislations, sitting in an ivory tower; it is to inspire everyone to see themselves as the leaders of the community and do what is required. The words of John F. Kennedy resonate here: “Ask not what America can do for you but what you can do for America”.

He was a great leader who understood this principle. He became a darling of the world. Anyone who goes about bringing this awareness to the world community at large is the real leader of the world. Such a person gives up all affiliations to country and party, as well to limited doctrines. Let us start from where we stand.

Government of Wisdom is about voluntarily making way for the wiser among us to lead us. Let us take the advice of the wise in our endeavours. Let us encourage everyone through our love and understanding to give up their ineffectual positions of power and exploitation. A glorious world of understanding, peace, joy and prosperity is already on its way through the ‘Government of Wisdom’.