Coming Alive again

I am Gurmukh Vachani. I live in Mulund, Mumbai and work with the Bombay Municipal Corporation as a civil engineer.

I undertook the Siddha Samadhi Yoga program in 1996. Before that, I suffered from heavy diabetes-496, i.e. 4 short of 500 without medication and 216 with medicine. My average Blood Pressure was 200. For 22 years I had been suffering from arthritis and could not sit cross-legged. I also suffered from a curd allergy each time I ate curds.


I got intense scratching, forcing me to scratch so much that at times I used to bleed from where I had scratched. I was also unable to sleep properly at night When I perspired, an offensive smell emanated from my body which I, myself, could not bear, leave others.

My mouth used to smell a lot because of heavy diabetes. I pity those who met me at that time. I was ashamed of this condition. Both my feet were completely black and I used to wear socks, which I never removed. If I banged into something even very slightly, my bones hurt immensely.
In December 2000, I had an additional problem of angina and I took a strew test. This proved positive. The doctors advised me to have an Angiography done to decide whether to do a by-pass surgery or angioplasty.

In the initial stages, they gave me 11 tablets daily. i.e. about 150 tablets a month, which gave me digestion problems. Then I got used to taking about 100 tablets a month. But Whenever the climate changed, I would fall sick. To overcome this, the doctor again gave me tablets.

So over all. I took something like 300 tablets every month for various reasons. I had become very lethargic - I got relegated to my bed and started suffering from failing memory. I was so fed up of my job that I took 5 months leave, and was to resign from my service, as I was incapable of working.
In October 2001, I met a friend, Shyam Belani, who had been nay classmate. We were meetine after a decade. When he asked me about myself, I could only tell him of how fed-up I was of life, and that I was ready to die at any time.

It was Shyam who told me about Siddha Samadhi Yoga. At this time my wife, who was accompanying me, suggested that I do the programme since the fees too was so low. Hence I enrolled for the class on December 3rd in Mulund, under Shri Krishnamurtyji and his wife Uma ma. Since I was a heart patient and the class was on the fourth floor, I was in two minds whether I should continue or not. For 2 days. I did not pay the fees for fear that I would not be able to continue. But I did. When Pranayam started I started to feel more energetic and my lethargy disappeared. When I did Pranayam for 3 days without a break, I found that I could climb the 4 storied building without taking a break. As of today, I can say that I am totally cured after doing this program. 

When I did the course, the sugar levels were 216 and BP used to above 150 with the medicines. As of the last 6 months, everything is under control, without medicines. In February, I happily resumed my official duties, with a new vigour. My face, which was earlier covered with black patches, has completely cleared. My feet have also become normal. After this I went to Panchmadi, a hill station in MP and within 2 days I was able to climb 28 kilometers in the hills. I was one of the few people who could do so, and this was real achievement for me. It was as if I had climbed the Everest itself. My friends, my family especially nay brother and my wife and son have also joined the SSY program and have similarly benefited. This has taught me how to live life healthy, fully, happily, energetically and without tension. My sleep requirement has reduced to just 6 hours, and that too of sound sleep. 

I pray to God for the longevity of Guruji  Shri Rishi Prabakarji and all the SSY teachers and volunteers, so that this knowledge is passed on to the whole world and everybody live a healthy and happy life, not with medication but with Samadhi meditation.

Gurmukh Vachani.
A/303 Jasmine Co-operative
Society, Sant Ramdas Ext. Rd.
Mulund East. Mumbai - 400081.
Ph: 022 - 592-0132.
Email: amity24@yahoo.com