Pacific Trends Pvt. Ltd.

- Date:-1st November 2010

                   TO WHOMSEVER IT MAY CONCERN.

Subject: Organising & Time management program feed back.


Pacific Trends in t. Ltd is a leading soft luggage and sales promotional manufacturing and marketing company. Our turnover is nearly 8 crores.

OTM program brought about closer learn spirit among the key member of the Team.

Our LIYA one hour module (as taught in OTM program ) has helped us in reducing communication Gap, helped in timely execution of orders , better recovery of our understanding. We have been able to eliminate wastage i.e. cost of cutting by better
purchases , reduced cost over due to avoidance of any raw material shortage. The program has impacted our sales and profitability to the extent of 10-15%.

The mind mapping  technique we have used especially while organizing exhibition participation , important presentation preparation , it has helped us reduce forgetting important inputs.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Arunagiri Mudaliar, Managing Director.