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Padyatra is a very powerful Sadhana intuited by Guruji. Its duration is generally 3 months. Also called walking pilgrimage by some, it is about going around like a renunciate, living on whatever is offered in love.

Padyatras in India are a particularly special experience. This country is blessed with a culture wherein everybody reveres a sadhak and provides him with free food and shelter if he is doing his Sadhana of Moksha.

In the preparation towards making yourself free for 3 months, a person does away with a lot of unnecessary burdens he is carrying through his life and hands over the management of his enterprise or house to the next able person. It is an experience of total let-go before and during the Padyatra. Padyatra makes a person extraordinarily courageous to just surrender into the lap of existence


"In Padyatra, We can move around in emptiness. This is the ultimate bliss of life in surrender." - Guruji