Life is a mess without the light shed on it by a Guru; we would live the life of beasts in its absence. THE SOLE DRIVE WOULD BE TO REPRODUCE AND TO SURVIVE. The Guru relieves us of the difficulties of survival by showing us different Sutras for happy living.

The Guru takes you by the hand and leads you towards a life of ecstasy. Fortunate are those who have allowed themselves to be led by a kindly light.


Karma has no limits, and any amount of accomplishment gives an illusory glimpse of happiness. To be truly satisfied within, the secret of Silence has to be revealed to one by the Guru. The Guru has shifted life from one of ‘effortfulness’ to that of effortlessness. A Guru is most generous to let you rest and allow you to do seva voluntarily.

Leading you to live in seva, without demand, he makes you the most wanted and loved souls on earth. You are relieved of karma, and infinite opportunities are opened up to you to learn and enjoy your life in this world, as a useful citizen, at your own choice. Freedom to be, freedom to do and, freedom to move are the gifts of the Guru. The whole world is open to you and your heart is open to love and to be loved. What can one be without a Guru for guidance?

The special day of Gurupoornima is to offer ourpranaams to our master, to whom we owe our every breath, our entire life.

Gurupoornima celebrations are held centrally in Guruji’s presence, at one of our Ashrams, a different one every time, and are also conducted at individual centres through Satsangsby leading Guru-Sevaks on the day of Guru poornima.