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Maun Sadhana

Silence or Maun is one of the foundational  aspects of Indian philosophy. Silence for longer durations is of special significance. Pujya Guruji once kept silent for 6 months (during which period he didn’t choose to open his eyes as well). He yet attributes his extraordinary zest for life to this long Silence Sadhana that he did.

This is a 3-week Shibir dedicated to being in silence. This is generally conducted at our Hospet Ashram which has facility for pyramid-shaped domes for individual silence.


Not being involved in an activity producing results is the practice of Silence. The practice of silence helps a sadhak to grow in non-reactive stillness, sharp awareness and love for everyone around.


"We understand that the world exists only in our mind.
By emptying our mind, 
we remain detached from the world." - Guruji