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Effortless Super Fast Learning

Effortless Super Fast Learning through Hundred Percent Memory Programme (HMP) has been developed by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar after 30 years of research. 

RSVK has two schools in India (at Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore) where this knowledge of Poojya Guruji  has been implemented and children are experiencing efforless education and fun of learning.  Students in these schools complete their entire year’s curriculum in 21 to 30 days

This was demonstrated to the Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh &  Minister of education, Govt of Karnataka State.

Using this technique,

  • Students first understand the subject through a process called ‘Effortless reading’.
  • They proceed chapter by chapter to organize the material in connected logical memory pattern and document it as a tree chart.
  • The tree chart helps them to review the chapter in about 10 seconds, thus the whole subject of about 200 pages can be reviewed in about 2 minutes and the entire curriculum in about 20 minutes.

By reviewing the subject several times in a day for 30 days, the whole subject is stacked in the subconscious memory for ever and never forgotten. Now students have all the knowledge at their finger tips for ever and look like geniuses and surpass the rest who have studied and forgotten the subject in just a few years.From then on, it is not intelligence or mere understanding that counts but whether you understand and remember for ready application that counts.

HMP students will excel in life and can study further effortlessly and be super researchers in any field.

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          HMP to Karnataka  Education Minister                                                                                                                                       RG Children with Andra Pradesh Chief Minister



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"All universities and schools are unnecesssary. Children learn by themselves." - Guruji