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Fun Club International

The Fun Club was started by RSVK in the year 1986 in Davangere. It has now spread to all our centres. The purpose of the Fun Club is to allow the inherent love in each individual to blossom and to be transmitted into the environment like the fragrance of a flower.

Any game you want to play can be played. The aim is to play the game fully. The only difference being that ‘everyone is a winner’.


The spirit is to support everyone to put forth his or her best. The oath is what makes the Fun Club work. lt is:

 1)  I bring everyone together — ‘I Include everyone.’

 2)  I give my best (100%) to the game.
 3)  I support everyone else to play their best (100%).

Anybody who wants to join the club is a welcome member. There are no fees. My suggestion to my brother, teachers and volunteers is, if you can walk, you can jog too. lf you can jog, you can have fun, and that’s the Fun Club. You can build a beautiful world with this new programme very easily. We always stress the need for fun club. The following letter amply demonstrates this. ‘Fun Club — A Meditation’ The sight of the very young and the very old playing together every day is the most beautiful of human creations (or, activities).

Everyone knows and experiences the immediate spiritual impact of playing together at the Fun Club. Perhaps, at no time in recent history has such an experiment been conducted on such a large scale on a regular basis by any civilisation. So far, fun, somehow, has had to be at the expense of others. The Fun Club has made fun the most spiritual and unselfish of human experiences. lt is at once the life giver to all those who participate in it. Most medical problems, even serious ones, are simply cured through participation in the Fun Club.

A message from Guruji Rishi Prabhakar :

I see, every day, people going to the Fun Club as religiously as they go to a temple. It’s only here that they get to meet gods in flesh and blood. Just the very association with the Fun Club is curative and energising, creating awareness of the bliss that we seek.

We realise that we are the bliss we seek. As the person who was entrusted by God to be the founder and formulator of the Fun Club, it gives me great joy to see the way the Fun Club has evolved and progressed around the world; the Fun Club is active in Karnataka, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Mahrashtra, Goa, Punjab, Delhi, and some parts of Canada and U.S.A.

I have no doubt that the Fun Club is the easy rapid solution to all international and national problems. It is the cure for all problems concerning human relationships, whether it is the management–labour relationship or relationships in the family or in a marriage. Joy is our birthright and our very being.

The Fun Club is the secret to our own being. It is the highest meditation. The Fun Club is the sacrificial fire in which we burn our selfishness and laziness, and receive the ‘nectar of love and joy’.



"Fun Club is your club. By playing in the fun club, you will discover how much love there is in the world." - Guruji