Our ashrams are places for silent sadhana and our advanced programmes. They have been specially chosen in forest areas with hills and rivers. Many of the Ashrams also house our Rishi Gurukulams, residentials schools for learnings in the midst of higher consciousness.

Many Ashrams are also coming up in villages as a part of the Inspirational Leadership Degree Programme. Of late, our Ashrams also house dwellings for many families to live together like a joint family. They also house industries that are run on Rishi Samskruti with love and Sadhana as the base for quality production. With Sadhana halls, residential education for children, dwellings for families and eco-friendly industries, our Ashrams have become full-fledged community living and community development centres.

Community Living


"Building a Gurukulam (Ashram) is building a community which is Civil, Entreprising,
Religious, Dharmic and Spiritually sublime and beautiful within & outside."
- Guruji