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Purpose of the programme ?

Have you often suspected that you deserve to be far better off in life than where you presently are ? If yes, here is the masterkey to get you the life you deserve !!


Samadhi is the basis of the entire Indian culture. It is the basis for a playful life. Understand what it is all about.


Rules facilitate a game. Question the general perception that rules bind you.


Know which foods nourish you and which foods dont. Food is not just about the nutritive value or its calorie count. Its much much more.

Joyful Leader

Learn what makes a ‘true leader’ a ‘true leader’. Understand the mechanics of becoming a leader and building leaders all around you.


Understand the genesis of responsibility. Define the scope of your responsibility.


Where does happiness lie ? Do you really ‘accept’ when you say you accept ?


Enlightenment is often seen as liberation from the cycle of birth and death. But would you want to be liberated if your life was full of joy ? Explore the various myths around the concept of enlightenment.

Who are You?

Unravel this existential question. Know how you have ‘limited’ your horizons.

Samadhi Meditation

The deepest meditation you can ever learn. You will feel it to believe it.

Thoughts & Desires

Buddha never said ' Be Free of desires '. Is desire a boon or curse.


Understand the need for a ' vision ' in life. Understand the rules while framing your vision statements.


What then is Karma Yoga ? Come and explore with us !


"Truth automatically silences your mind and then nothing bothers you." -Guruji