Annapoorneshwari Tapokshetra was established in 1998 as a beacon of spirit to provide food for all. This spirit has generated hundreds of Annadana centers around India. Many other organisations like ISKCON have given a great impetuous to this vision through 'Akshaya Patra' programme in many cities. We are very grateful for their collective efforts. After 12 years we are now ready to proclaim the new possibility of 'Prosperity to All'. The basis for this possibility is our ability to provide logistics and sadhana (both individual and collective).


(a) Prosperity starts with a sense of inner contentment. Any amount of money can still keep you feeling poor. VairagyaSadhana through inner silence is the only answer.
(b) Richness cannot be measured by money. Happiness in life comes from a loving environment. How many close friends you have decides your level of security and joy in life. Deep LOVE – Atma-Atma Sambandha (Soul-to-Soul relationship) is an outpouring when two souls interact with each other on the level of silence in emptiness. This is the second wealth to be acquired by a collective sadhana called 'Nitya Samadhi Yoga'. Love does not arise by mere wishing. Love is from the heart. Tolerance is from the head.

(c)    The third wealth to be acquired is to be wanted and be useful wherever you are. This wealth is called entrepreneurship which can be acquired by opening oneself to learning many vidyas (skills). Learning itself is a profound joy. Having learnt you express the further joy of being quality useful. You become an instrument for multi tasking. More (vidyas) diverse expertise you have, the more beautiful and efficient is your product which has multiple sale value.

Annapoorneshwari Kshetra is now ready to take a leap to provide not only food but profitable, plenty of loving space, continuing education for adults and children, a home to share with people you love.

How You Can Participate

Business houses want skilled multitasking workforce. Individuals want a platform to express their multitasking ability. AnnapoorneshwariKshetra provides an opportunity for those who want to set up a business and expand their business with a reliable and committed workforce which is engaged in daily sadhanawith the purpose of making everyone rich.

If you are seeking a job, Annapoorneshwari Kshetra provides you food, shelter, employment and a place for collective sadhana. With this confluence, 'Wealth for All' becomes a reality. Entrepreneurs can start businesses. Individuals can learn to become entrepreneurs under mentorship so that the potential of human resource reaches new heights, from worker to entrepreneur.

Annapoorneshwari Kshetra grows by itself and provides a context for you to grow beyond your dreams, either as an entrepreneur or as a worker. As a mark of your blessings for humanity to be wealthy, learn the lifestyle of 'Simple Living, High Thinking' which will make us all equal and significant in bringing about an ecological balance. You may participate to empower this collective vision by offering a ‘Kumbha’ for Rs 10,000 or Rs 1,000 to establish this beacon of the spirit of ‘prosperity for all’. Whether you are poor or rich, you are welcome to take the full benefit of this beacon of wealth.

25th Silver Jubilee of Ashram : For details Click here