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Jaipur Foot Limb camps

Rishi Samskruthi Vidya Kendra (RSVK) is committed to supporting Jaipur Foot’s work with the physically challenged through financial donation and by volunteering for Jaipur Foot Camp, where the disabled people looking for their limb of life are provided with artificial limbs, calipers and crutches.

These are people who are suffering from polio, or are amputees from accidents or gangrene.


It’s a heart-wrenching scene in which people come crawling on their hands and legs, children being carried by their parents, patients coming on wheel chairs with hope in their eyes, and anxiety writ large on their faces, expecting their life to turn a new leaf, believing that a miracle will happen.

Some of them are advised corrective surgeries. They go back walking with the aids or with the satisfaction that somebody has assured them a better life, with the corrective surgeries, wheel chairs  and tricycles that will enable them to lead normal lives.

We invite Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), Jaipur, who are the world’s largest limb-fitting organisation, helping more than a million physically challenged people to be mobile again by providing the best artificial limbs.

Each Jaipur Foot Limb camp provides roughly Jaipur Foot, crutches, calipers and tricycles free of cost to 500 beneficiaries, along with food and accommodation.

Pujya Guruji fully endorses and appreciates the work of BMVSS towards the welfare of mankind.