Seva and Sadhana are two wheels of a spiritual life. While Sadhana leads to inner prosperity, Seva leads to outer prosperity.

All SSY projects are Seva projects leading to upliftment of people, society and world at large. Pujya Guruji doesn’t believe in introverted spirituality. He believes in the Gandhian principle of freedom-in-action. For him spirituality or inner bliss is not an end unto itself. Rather it is only a means or rather a right base for social action. Unless spirit or consciousness descends into the world of matter to make a difference there, its purpose is not served.

Therefore, Pujya Guruji is a living embodiment of silent non-doing as well as spirited doing. He advocates not just silent meditation but also joyful action. He advocates one to be first responsible for his own joy and happiness and then responsible for everyone around.

That is precisely why a vast variety of projects have been instituted under the auspices of SSY. All SSY projects are the result of beautiful people coming together in love, inclusion, playfullness and with the desire to make a difference to everyone around.

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