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Rishi Joy Therapy

Rishi Joy Therapy

Most cancers are reversible by reawakening the joy of being alive. Cancer is a curable Disease. This therapy is most useful for reversing cancer, diabetes and similar lifestyle diseases.

Diagnosing early is most helpful.If caused by carcogenics, (such as tobacco, bad food, exposure to radiation) change of habit and eliminating Carcogenics will reverse the condition. This change can be easily done through SSY joy therapy.

Two months intensive care is required at the Therapy centre. This is followed by monthly Joy Therapy retreat for 4 days for one year.

Later stages of cancer will require surgery etc and reversal through SSY Joy Therapy. Four months intensive Joy Therapy after Surgery etc. is required. This is followed by once in a month Joy Therapy retreat for 4 days for 2 year.

Most cancers are caused by unbearable stress and living conditions that cause depression and mental agony. This can be reversed by SSY Joy Therapy and displacement of the person from old situation – This condition requires 6 months of Intensive therapy plus displacement to a new home. This is followed by monthly Joy Therapy for 4 days for the rest of their lives.

The Therapy in detail:

Qualified Cancer Specialist will initially review the patient’s state and suggest the mode of therapy to be undertaken.

First Process : Detoxification of body from the old therapies. Usually 10 days to 45 days.

Second Process : Introduction to the Joy within and process of Consciousness raising therapyUsually 21 days.

Third Process  :  Enjoying life as Joy and touching the silence within deeply. Usually 30 days.

Fourth Process : Essential for Patients suffering from no ascribable causes. Peace Pilgrimage for 30 days in the country side. Being in Joy and serving for 2 months.

All therapies require an additional follow up with monthly Joy therapy retreats for 4 days to 6 days to keep the body and mind pure and strong. Life expectancy is expected to increase beyond normal people.

Doctor’s checkups : Usually once a month for the first year and later it is once in six months. Costs of any required tests are to be borne by the patient.

In certain cases with serious cancer growth or recurrence of it in patients who have undergone the Therapy, palliative care for a painless end will also be available.

Presently, this therapy is being regularly conducted at our Nature Cure (Naturpoathy) Centre at Bangalore Ashram for reversal of cancer, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Our  Nature Cure Centres (NC Centres) at the Maralwadi and Aurangabad Ashrams combines these elements of right food, drugless approach, exercise, Yoga, heat and some other special treatments to a healthy participant to promote his health and to an unwell participant to tide over his disease and restore his original health.

These same nature cure centres also double up as cancer rehabilitation centres.

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