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Engineering College

1.  For the first time in the world, global standard engineers are created by      age 15.

2.  It is a Rishi Gurukulam Engineering School based on playful and                  effortless learning methods discovered by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

3.  Admissions open for students of ages ranging from 0 to 80 years. Apply        immediately.

4.  Children below 10 years have to be accompanied by the mother.             Here, education becomes exciting. Students complete the CBSE syllabus      also, besides other syllabi, with 100% memory in academics.

    Salient features

1.  We conductseveral workshops like carpentry, automobile, welding, sheet metal, forging, refrigeration, turning,                  electrical and electronic, ceramics etc.

2.  Students learn by repairing damaged autos, motor cycles, mixies, fans, washing machines, refrigerators, furniture etc.

3.  We have a huge organised junkyard of damaged pieces. We fix them and sell them cheap.

4.  We are recovering waste and reducing pollution,as well as reducing the wasteful need for production.

5.  Students become readily trained engineers of global quality with the least expense.

6.  The students are educated about the theory of the design after their 12th class. By that time, the students would have      become hands-on experts in practical engineering.


In Gurukuls, young people are at the help of affairs and there is plenty of
Opportunities for the willing ones to grow.
- Guruji