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Peace Homes

There is no man who doesn’t want to go around the world. Wanting to explore the world is a natural instinct each of us is endowed with. What is generally prohibitive is the money involved in the whole affair.

Often, the biggest cost in a long stay abroad is the cost of accomodation. Given the size of our organisation, we have an edge here. Peace homes that will be set up in many countries are envisaged to become staying quarters for SSY sadhaks across the world. These will be set up in the outskirts of tourist locations so that they become most convenient locations away from the hustle and bustle of the location while being in the proximity too.

SSY Sadhaks and their friends and family now have the chance to go around the world with minimal cost of accomodation. Currently we have peace homes in Pune, Bangalore and North America. 

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"Joyfulness comes from togetherness, Sahana Vavatu. It is the basis for
Harmony, power, strength and progress in any community."
- Guruji