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Freedom club

What is the Children SSY Freedom Club?

The Children SSY Freedom Club is about the Science of Living. It’s a value-based education programme to enhance the growth of your child.

It is all about a holistic approach to being creative, living healthy, being enthusiastic and being happy for no particular reason.

All children have divinity in themselves, which we at Freedom Club help to nurture naturally by teaching them the universal, spiritual languages of love, respect, responsibility, acceptance, leadership and integrity. 

Children develop high self-esteem and propel themselves ahead.


To make children see the godliness in themselves and in everyone else in the world.


To impart value education in a very playful and interactive way. To develop in them the practice of turning inwards through play-way methods usingthe techniques of Children SSY, POI and ISP.


To inspire every child to live with the values of truth, love, peace, responsibility, acceptance, leadership and integrity.


The whole team has been inspired by the works of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, Aurobindo, Satya Sai Baba, Chinmaya Mission and Bappaji.