You give a child food to eat and a toy to play. The child will prefer to play. You give the child an old toy and a new toy, the child will prefer to explore and learn about the new toy. That is the basic nature of a child. Children love to learn. But as they grow, learning no longer remains play.

Parents and schools approach learning as a serious and stressful affair and that is what they pass on to the child.

Somewhere in the entire process of schooling the fun and joy of learning is lost and the child is studying only to get good percentage of marks so that she/he can get admission to a good college and then get a well paying job.

The whole focus is on marks and not on learning. As an obvious outcome the child starts disliking learning in school and slowly even outside. As a long term result of this, whatever the child learns, he/she forgets very soon. This is why most of us, adults, would not remember what we learnt in school!

In all our pre-schools, schools and colleges, we believe in inculcating in the student the love for learning. The effort is to make the learning process playful and joyful so that children enjoy learning and remember for the rest of their lives whatever they learn during their formative years!

Apart from human efforts, the lush green natural and open surroundings of our educational centres help the child open up within and with the outside world! According to Pujya Guruji, education is not about academics alone – rather it is about five fundamental things to be learnt – freedom, love, wealth creation, creating beauty and seva. Only when a student grows in all these areas that he can be called ‘educated’.


"To enjoy the world, become a child, become enormously educated, continuously Learning,
Sharing & Increasing love, becoming very very wealthy."
- Guruji