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Cancer Rehabilitation camp

CANCER is caused by unbearable physical or mental load on a person who feels cheated by society or circumstances and has no way out of the predicament. His/her will to live weakens, and the immune system shatters and becomes out of control.

RSVK has set up a rehabilitation centre to help people beat cancer and live as joyful citizens.

In India, cancer is detected very late as all good people refrain from complaining about their pain. Detection is usually at the third stage. This invariably requires surgery or chemotherapy or radiation. After this treatment, we begin the intervention at our centre.

•    First we prompt a period of detoxification with healthy eating and exercise.

•    The second step is to bring forth joyfulness in life with the SSY Joy Therapy for about a month.

•    The third step is to build up confidence to change the style of living, which allows independence from previous                 stress (and family) which caused the disease, in the first place.This is done through padayatras and community                   participation.

•    The last step is to place the patients in a supportive environment where their lives are useful.

Cancer patients are rehabilitated after surgery, radiation etc. by qualified cancer specialists. The detailed process is as follows:

•    15 days’ detoxification according to Naturopathy and Ayurveda treatment procedures.

•    30 days of SSY Joy Therapy, which includes asanas, pranyam, meditation, and plenty of recreation, fun and play. A           surge of enthusiasm for life comes about within the patient regardless of his/her past traumatic situations/conditions.

•    30 days of padayatra to experience pure blessings from the universe is what follows. Now they are ready for                       placement for a social activity, where their life becomes fulfilling and joyful.

The participants must be attending the 3-day Level II retreats once a month for several years to keep their enthusiasm for life alive and burning.