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I.T. education

At RSVK, BCA s are developed by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar who is a pioneer frontline international software engineer from the 1970s and an extra-ordinary mechanical engineer and management graduate from the topmost university of Canada. He has vast experience in the world of technology and Is a renowned leader who has established worldwide centres of learning to study the Fundamentals of Human Happiness and Leadership.

BCA with a difference — what is the difference?

In most colleges, it is about degree, good jobs, and good, standard education.

Guruji educates students in such a manner that they are welcomed with love all over the world. They do not have to seek visas for working like slaves for multinationals. They can create multinationals.

Cutting-edge technology learning is only a small part of the overall learning. Students learn to be silent and be full of happiness. They know how to convert all studies into playful moments. They even do examples playfully. Life is not just about earning a living as most poor people do. It is about living richly with lots of love wherever one is.

Multi-Disciplinary Studies :

Students are welcome to study many other important subjects of human concern along with their BCA. They can learn architecture, structural engineering, robotics, ceramics, self-defence, dance, music and drama, establish business and learn BBA, do landscape designing and natural agriculture, learn neuropathy and Ayurveda, study law and human rights, etc. Facilities and teachers are available at the campus for such overall growth.

Gurukulam system vs Macaulay system :

Here, we are both teachers and students. We study as well as produce. We earn while we learn. More advanced students bring up the slower ones. You are trained to be a leader who can profitably play joyfully and take care of any number of people happily. You learn to create jobs for everyone rather than wait lazily for jobs to appear.

Making life into play is what education is about.Come to play and enjoy swimming in the vast ocean of knowledge.Generous scholarship schemes available to devoted studentsWho want to change the world and make it a better place.

Logistics :

Qualification: (10+2) or equivalent
A candidate without Mathematics background at PU/(10+2) level will be provided with the bridge programme for one semester concurrently with the first semester.

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In Gurukul system, Production is done as seva (service) to the Guru. - Guruji