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Kaya Kalp Kriya

Live Long & Grow Young!


  • Kaya Kalp Kriya can reverse the ageing process, cure all diseases, open up creativity incredibly, make you brave and courageous, and settle you down into a mental disposition where you feel ’anything is possible for me now’.
  • For a healthy, youthful and very long life. This programme is alterately called as Life Longevity Programme (LLP).
  • As you qualify for higher sadhana, you will start living a high energy life of siddha. Through higher sadhana, evolve to the siddha state.
  • People with incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS etc., have a chance of reversing their harm.
  • The world is ready for a giant leap in evolution, to immortality.
  • You will experience and benefit in all of the above-mentionedareas in Guruji’s presence.

Specialities of SSY Kaya kalpa Kriya:

  • It is easy and can be practised by even elderly people.
  • It builds up energy as you practise and brings back your youth.
  • Terminal illnesses like cancer and AIDS can be reversed over time,even for people who find it difficult to walk about 1km.
  • All chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, ulcers, as well as kidney and heart diseases have been cured in most cases in a very short period without medication. You can come and read aboutthe scientific studies published in important international cardiology conferences and also read the verification by the joint director of health of Karnataka. The yardstick for measuring the health of the patients of the above-mentioned illnesses is that they must be able to walk at least half a kilometre well.
  • Extremely beneficial for relief from back problems like spondilitis and sciatica. 

What does SSY KKK involve?

  • Energising the body by absorbing plenty of prana through newly discovered pranayam kriya. 
  • Supplying this prana to all parts of the body through specially designed physiotherapy and asanas, which cut through prana blockages and purify nadis.
  • Streamlining the flow of prana into the sushumna nadi for the attainment of the silence of samadhi.
  • Correcting the understanding of many aspects of life which lead to personal and family problems. This correction will lead to a loving life in freedom, saving — especially the elderly —people from loneliness and isolation.

High energisations experienced individually by all in this programme are directed to a worthwhile purpose. This programme is also called the Yog Samruddhi Sadhana (YSS) - i.e. Creation of prosperity through Yoga of Families and people. By being with Guruji in this programme, you and your family will have a golden chance to start a new life of prosperity, love, freedom and opportunity according to the gurukul tradition, regardless of whether you are educated or uneducated, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are young or old, whether you are married or unmarried.

By being a part of the Kaya Kalp Kriya Training, you can become part of a mission to bring back the glory of Rishi Gurukulam which guarantees the protection of the community, and gives education and security for all types of employment.

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