Emotional Insights

What is Emotional Insights (EI)?

Emotional Insights (EI) is a structured program designed to:

  • Create prosperity in your career, health and relationships.

  • Enjoy the gift of life by becoming peaceful, powerful & prosperous.

  • Manifest all your aspirations which stand unfulfilled owing to your limiting past. 


How is this accomplished in EI?

These breakthroughs come about by integrating the blocked emotional energies from our unresolved past. The technique is based on Breathwork & Body experiencing. Our Breath and Body are often the most unutilised doorways to extra-ordinary transformations.

Who is most eligible for participating in EI?

  • Any person seeking a turnaround in the area of career & professional life.
  • Any person who is  suffering from a chronic health problem.
  • Any person who is having disturbances in relationships at work place or home.
  • Any person who wants to resolve his emotional or psychological turmoil.
  • Any person seeking greater peace and Silence within.

What is so special about EI?

The speciality of EI is that it offers a simple, proven and very powerful spiritual technique, having elements from the Eastern as well as Western traditions. This technique helps you :

  • Break yourself free from your stubborn behavioural patterns, your 'Why-can't-I-change-myself? ‘ frustrations.

  • It sorts out for you your long-standing challenges and your ‘Why-does-this-keep-happening-to-me-again-and-again? ‘type of issues, so that you become Healthy, Joyous, Dynamic and Creative…!

Logistics :

•  Part A: Full day Classroom Sessions on four consecutive Sundays.

•  Part B: Four two hour Home Study sessions on four consecutive Saturdays.

•  Part C: A two day residential retreat from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

Emotional Insights & Stress Management

Emotional Insights & Emotional Intelligence


"A joyful, healthy and abundant life is pouring itself upon us all, RIGHT NOW.  We mistakenly spend our experience trying to get something instead of simply receiving that which is already given to us.​

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