About the programme

What is Pi (Professional Insights)?

Professional Insights is a management programme with a difference. It is a blend of contemporary western thought and traditional Indian wisdom.

What makes Pi unique?

The UNIQUENESS of the Pi programme is that it is a PRACTICAL APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT. In most management institutes, one learns ‘what to do’. Some places also teach you ‘how to do’. But here in Pi, we guarantee and make sure you do what you ‘want to do’! It is a practical workshop and is more focussed on the application of all the principles.

What is the duration?

The programme consists of 7 sessions of an interactive workshop, followed by dinner, where one meets everybody, once a week for a duration of 4 hours.

Who is qualified to enroll?

All CEOs, professionals, enterpreneurs, corporate managers, businessmen and any one who wishes to be a great manager.

Pi helps you to:

•    Multiply your business 100 times & manage it EFFORTLESSLY.
•    Organise yourself very effectively.
•    Always remain in a positive frame of mind.
•    Make decisions, handle, motivate and retain employees and staff.
•    Celebrate all aspects of life — professional, personal and social.


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"Management today is manipulation. Manipulation is making people do things,
Which they do not do of their own accord."
- Guruji