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Many people go about life depressed, feeling that they have not been given special talents and privileges by the creator at their birth. They do not know that every individual is potentially great and inherently has all the talents. For example, everyone has the potential to be somebody great — a reformer, a dancer, a singer, a poet, a sportsman, an engineer or a doctor.

What is lacking, apparently, is the method by which all the hidden strengths can be unfolded. There are two basic traits that all great people possess: the first is the ever-growing love for people around them; the second is the unwavering commitment towards contributing something to the world.

Once these two qualities are unfolded in the individual, he or she will naturally excel in life. The person’s intellectual sharpness, capacity of the mind to comprehend and the physical ability to perform will all unfold naturally and effortlessly. For example, Gandhiji was a sickly average student who became an astute politician with tremendous capacity to comprehend the whole world. He became a strong person physically too.

The leadership trainings offered by SSY or Life Yessence Academy are oriented to invoke this true intellectual, emotional, mental and physical potential in each individual and to build the fabric of greatness in this world.


"The total power of any corporation depends on how many peole
                                  are there to support the vision of the organization."