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Magic of Marriage

1) What if we have children and want to get them along ?

A. Ideally if you come without your children, you will get the best experience. So do make arrangements for them and come Just the two of you! If you have very small children, and you need to bring them, then do come with someone to take care of them for 4 days, so that you all can focus on the class. And if you have older children and want to get them along, then they can come and be with our Gurukulam children.

2) If we are living in a Nuclear family with children, and there is no one to take care of them at home ?

A. children along and they can play with our children in our Gurukulam.

3) What do I do, if my spouse is very busy?

A. If he / she is busy, then come and understand the orientation and take it further from there.