Magic of Marriage


I realized that no matter how perfect and beautiful your marriage and relationship may be, there is always a scope to improve it. This program has rejuvenated our relationship. It has given a beautiful definition to the word togetherness in our lives.

Your art of simplifying the most complicated relationship in the universe of a Man and  a Woman and your guidance through this program to make it blissful effortlessly is a boon to all. Love you for taking all the time and devoting your energy to create this program.

- Priti Savoor.    


I loved the workshop's unique self-discovery approach. It helped my husband and me strengthen our friendship and re-energize our bond. The interactive processes we did with each other brought about a meaningful and improved communication and expression between us. Truly an enriching experience !

- Nandini. 


The programme was a great blessing for us. A certain realization that I got was most instrumental. There was an angle that I hadn’t gotten in the ten years of our marriage. The programme created just the right ambience for our hearts to open up.

- Bhaavin Shah.