Guruji's Master


My Guru - The Great Master

​May the Master give me enough strength to describe His  greatness. I have perceived a little bit of His mighty effulgence. He has bestowed His blessings  on one so undeserving as myself. Let this writing inspire many to enter the divine path of renunciation. Let my Master be re- lived through these feeble words of mine. Let Him energise these words and bestow His powerful grace upon us.

How  can I describe the Master- who is beyond my comprehension?

Whatever I say is very limited. One look at the Master would convey more  than a thousand of words about Him. He was all  purity. Even rats would recognise His love. Cats would come and have His darshan.

I feel proud for having been with Him. I feel special because He loved me. I have borrowed His greatness even though I am  not worthy of it.


His home  was my home. His home was everybody’s home. He offered all of  Himself and elevated  you to heights unknown. No one   could take all He had to offer. Sanyasis and saints came to  this householder and  went  away ashamed   of their own attachments.

He  was the most brilliant Sun. None could reach His renunciation. Devoid of body -feeling, he walked on the  earth. He had no body. His    body  could  sit for many hours without movement, at times for many days. He was the Master,   not the world. 

How can I describe to you the great One who had attained Nada Bramha? Nada Bramha is the realisation of Bramhathrough music. Musicians of great accomplishments would come and weep at his feet for deliverance and the realisation of Nada Bramha. He was Tyagaraja Incarnate. Have you heard his divine compositions? His speech was nothing but nectar to the soul. Whatever He spoke was the direct answer to your inner question. He knew nothing but God. All questions would be dissolved in His enunciation of surrender to God.

His assurance would take away all worldly worries. He would then take you to the nectar of being with God. No one returned empty handed. He could do anything He wanted.

How can I describe such a Great One as the world has never seen? He worshipped all. He had no idea of how great He was. Abandoning all bonds like a child, He lived in freedom. Being naked and being clothed made no difference to Him. He was Paramananda.

He had no boss, no slave. He had nothing as His own. He loved a householder par excellence. He showed me that being a householder comes after one who attains sanyasa.

Does it matter when He was born and when He died? He is ever present in my heart. There is no death for Him. He lives in millions of hearts. And through these millions He enters the billions.

ShriRamkrishnaParamahamsa lived as ShriVishweshwaraiah for our benefit. Glorious was His presence. Jesus and Mohammed  were his ornaments. Having met Master, who would say that he had not found his brother, his father in my beloved Guru?

Jai Gurudev.