Emotional Insights


What is Emotional Insights?

Emotional Insights:

Have you heard that Hindi song: “mai aisa kyon huan, mai vaisa kyon huan” which translates into “why I am like this or why I am like that”? When I used to hear that song, I used to laugh at the ignorance of the hero, who asks so in the song.  The song has relevance with what I am going to share with you all through this article.

By now, you may or may not be aware that with the blessings of our Guruji, a new programme “Emotional Insights” (Ei)has been launched under the banner of R S V K. I being associated with the programme since its beginning am going to share with you my experience, but, let “first thing be first”:

How it all started:

It was one of the Monday satsang, at R N M Dadar, being taken by Bhaavin bhai (Bhaavin shah). He guided us to undertake about 15 minute of experiential journey with our self. It was quite an amazing experience for me and the same was the case with one and all, though every body’s experience was different, yet there was no denying, that the same was amazing. This generated lot of curiosity among all of us to know more & to experience more. We were informed, that if we truly want to   realise full benefit of the exercise, we would be required to undergo a 10 weeks programme. This was something not many were ready to commit immediately. However, one SSY sadhak, Deepti maa took initiative & contacted all the willing participants & requested for assembling at her place.  Few of us, who were really curios & ready to commit, assembled & that is how our 10 weeks experiential journey started informally.

Realisation during the program:

As the journey progressed, we realised that we were doing “Samundra Manthan” of ourselves. As in the Samudra Manthan, poison came out first, similarly in our case also, we experienced   and became aware to our poison i.e. our suppressed   negative emotions (fear, anger & grief), accumulated in our body, since our birth. We learnt that in few cases,   even negative emotions  prior to birth( i.e. during the period in mother’s womb)  also gets  accumulated , as is  mentioned in famous Mahabharata story of Abhimanyu, that recording of events takes place,  even in  mother’s womb.  We were surprised to learn that these experiences were there in our bodies since long but none of us was aware to them. These suppressed emotions are responsible for:-

  • All  chronic physical ailments viz; cancer, arthritis, etc
  • Frequently getting upset over minor incidents
  • Getting angry at the spur of moment
  • Remaining in state of constant tension
  • Blaming others for all our problems
  • Strained relationship with family, friends/ work place and society in general
  • Being always unhappy
  • Remaining always in the competitive mode
  • Being fearful that other would overtake us
  • Chronic emotional turmoil’s
  •  Having narrow visions etc

Once the poison is exhausted, we call it integrated, in the programme terminology. The real Amrit starts appearing in the form of:

  • Taking responsibility for all our experiences of life and stop blaming others
  • Becoming  more joyful and surrenderful
  • Having increased vitality
  • Having peace and tranquillity of mind
  • Completing our tasks efficiently, effortlessly and feeling as if we have more time available at our disposal
  • Experiencing spontaneous creativity
  • Improved relationship with self , friends, family and society in general
  • Stop  interfering in other people’s life
  • Sleep becoming more restful
  • Nagging symptoms we may have experienced are gone
  •  Long time irritating habits viz; biting our nails, scratching etc cease.
  • Losing weight without dieting
  • Enjoying company of children
  • Becoming more playful and laughing more
  • Taking active interest in our health and eating healthily
  • People getting attracted towards us  and enjoying   our company
  • Start enjoying  our silence
  • Experiencing abundance of life
  • Stop crying for attention
  • Becoming naturally optimistic
  • Becoming gentle and compassionate towards self as well as others
  • Having less anxiety
  • Experiencing  spontaneous gratitude
  • Increase capacity to trust ourselves
  • Increased capacity to contribute to this world and many more

Launching of formal programme i.e.”Emotional Insights”

Each one of us, who participated in the informal phase of the program realised that all of us have issues that we feel trapped or limited by some way- be it anger, depression, grief, anxiety or fear. It may be some addiction or some serious illness.  We aren’t given a manual, when we are born,  telling us what to do about all of this, and how to handle it when these things come up?

No matter how deep the issue is, no matter how much we have struggled with it, there exists a possibility for us to become absolutely free. By undergoing the program, we were ableto  get to the root cause of these issues, finally resolving them .Its only when emotional issues are addressed at the deepest level that the true freedom, emotionally as well as physicallyas well as spiritually, can take place. Since, all of us were benefitted a lot; a need was felt to make this knowledge available to one and all, so that more and more people could get rid of their suppressed emotions and start enjoying a life of their choice.

 I am happy that our request was acceded to, and formal program has already been launched.  1st batch of around 30 participants is already undergoing the experiential journey. If you listen to their experiences, you would automatically be tempted to register for the next batch of the programme.  I also invite you to join this wonderful journey, which would be one of the memorable events of your life.

I acknowledge and appreciate profound commitment to serve,  of shri Bhaavin shah, Nazir usman and Deepti maa, and blessings, guidance of our Guruji and Manoj Lekhi.  But for their commitment and support, the programme would not have seen the   light of the day.

Did you got inking to that song, as to” why I am like that” is relevant to all of us. As majority of us are not aware to, that suppressed emotions are stored inside us and that they are controlling our personality. we unnecessarily keep on wandering in outside world to find solution to our challenges. Pl do the program & you would get answer to that enquiry.

“Knowing others is wisdom

Knowing oneself is enlightenment” – laotzu

- Ghanshyam Daryani




My Ei Journey

First i am truly grateful to universe to make me land in the paradise of Emotional Insight Family. Yes, a family in true sense which i was searching for since long long and long. A family who is always there with you when you need them the most if its pain or stupidity but always there and accept you as YOU truely are.

Before i met this family of Emotional Insight(EI), i was the most confused person, i think that is what we all are usually, emotionally confused don't understand ourself and then expect others to understand us. Quite funny it seem now but before EI it was a suicidal nightmare for me.

So whats EI?

EI for me is an Emotional Intelligence. Before i was always confused with my emotions and use to offen think why am i so emotionally confuse, why don't i understand things the way they are and many why further......
After joining the family i am still lot more Emotional but now i UNDERSTAND it well and with more maturity. Before i was more angry person and i didnt knew how to handle it and then i spoil my further weeks getting angry, angry and angry, i still get angry but difference is now i understand the real reason why i am angry, my ego don't interfere when i take a step back to understand the situation, next i am more mature to either deal with the situation or keep quite. Now i don't see anger as a pain but a need to express out my emotion of that moment. I now understand that i am creating my own pain.

I have grown in mind, body and spirit. My food habits have changed by itself which i was trying to change since years. My sleep patterns have changed as i no more waste my energy in emotions a 10min power nap revitalize me. Basically my relation with myself is growing tremendously not just emotionally but also spiritually and even my earthly relations are growing. I am being blessed in every way possible.

Thank you, thank you very very much EI FAMILY.

- Bhavana Kothari

My journey with SSY Emotional insights 

When I began this journey in mid January 2013, little did I know what a beautiful adventure I was embarking on. What else can u call a journey of self discovery? How can I find words to describe this transformational experience?

I have been a spiritual shopper for a good number of years now. Always looking for answers to the numerous ‘whys’ in my life… why did this happen to me? Why does this keep happening to me? Why did this person behave like that? Why am I unable to do the things I want? I did a lot of courses and workshops. All of them enriched me, but I always had this feeling that I was missing something. That something was not complete. In a wayI guess they were a groundwork for what was yet to come.  My shopping is over now. After doing SSY and EI (’Emotional Insights’) I am no longer lost, I have found my bearings. It has demystified the wonderful miracle of life while at the same time created an awe for it.

We all face challenges and difficulties in our lives. The bigger our challenge, the more ready we are for spiritual growth.  It is when we lose all hope that we lookout for that lifeline, so we should consider ourselves blessed, otherwise we would never thirst for that knowledge or those answers that will eventually carry us forward. Andit is owing to these challenges that I guess I sought Ei. It is there that, I, to my utmost satisfaction also found the answers to my challenges as well as the perspective and emotional strength to cruise through life’s tricky knocks.

When I began my journey I had gone through a major upheaval in my life. Something that left me feeling bereft and shattered. Somehow, inspite of all the “gyaan” I gathered, I could never put the past behind me. Nor could I shake off the feeling of being victimized by life. No matter how much I promised myself to be strong; the next upheaval, always round the corner left me weaker. The cycle kept repeating and I could not understand why.

Doing Emotional insights and the presence process / Nirjara Kriya that it teaches has transformed my life like no other. It has not only answered all my whys but even answered some questions which I had yet to ask. It has integrated me, enlightened me and has helped me get in touch with myself, with my innermost being. Life still is challenging and brings me my share of hurt but I find that I am able to handle it much better.  Pain is there but I am able to choose not to suffer.

I am happy in my space and at peace with myself. I live in gratitude and joy and let life unfold itself to me one day at a time. I trust the process of life now and don’t fight it but be accepting of what it holds out to me because I trust that it will give me what I need when I need it.

I am not saying that doing this process is a magic wand around your life and you will find that your troubles disappear or that suddenly, you will become a wise old saint. But from my experience I can guarantee you that it will put you in a place where all these troubles appear far smaller than they once were.

The biggest thing you need, for this process to work, is that, to begin with, you need to believe in it and have faith that it will work for you. In a short while, the benefits ensure that you will stick to your prescribed Sadhana. For some it may take more time, for some not so long but work it will. The best part about it is that it is simple, self facilitated and yet so powerful and effective. You may not believe that I am currently doing Ei for the fourth time back-to-back. All you need is to take the first step and discover how lucky you are to have come across whatever and whoever it is in your life that has brought you to this.

- Nafisa Rajkotwala.


"The most important change I experienced was that I stopped reacting and started listening to the people around me. Later was the stage when I started forgiving them…Ei made me ME.

- Sonal Dubey (Level 1)

"I handle one of the biggest team in the office and in past 10 weeks. I have begun to understand my team very well. I have also patched up with my Brother, after 5 long years and i am most happy about that. 

- Ketki Gawde (Level 1)

"After doing Connected Breathwork, I could run for 5 km at a stretch and later participated in 21 KM Marathon."

- Urvesh (Level 1)

"Workwise I have become more proactive and responsive. Started accepting the challenges, working hard towards my goals, enjoying every moment in life. Health : I was having an eye problem since  5 years but through This Kriya it went away just like anything! "

- Nishi Pattani (Level 1)

"The experience itself is the answer."

-  Kavya Kadam (Level 1)

"I've learnt to sit with Self. Breathing to me is now Bhagwad Geeta."

- Ashwin Dubey (Level 1)

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