Kaya Kalp Kriya


Breast Cancer Cured

My wife was a great beneficiary of Guruji's Kaya kalpa Kriya. Way back on 09-11-2009 she was operated for Breast Cancer. Her right breast was removed by operation since the Biopsy report confirmed Malignancy. But luckily the lymphatic glands of the right armpit were not effected.I was much worried.

During the next month on 07-12-2009, Guruji conducted K.K.K .at Pune.I got her enrolled to the program. She managed to lift her right hand holding it by the left hand during the K.K.K. and she completed the course.Then we both attended the SSY at Hadapsar which commenced on 02-02-2010.These two programs have given magical results. Her Blood test (C-15/3) shown only 0.05% on 21-06-11 which was 19.5 during June 2010 that means the cancer cells have totally been washed away.She is fully recouped now and on duty in the Railways at Pune doing a stenographers’ job. Jai Gurudev.

I cannot forget Guruji. During his last visit to Pune, we met him and gave him the copy of the reports.


Diabetes Cured

For the last one year I had sugar problem, and my sugar levels were 360 by 480 with tablets. For one hour also I was not able to tolerate my hunger. After kaya kalpa Kriya, within three months my sugar levels are normal.

Now I am able to stop all those medicines and it came to one tablet, my doctor said to stop that also as my sugar levels are maintained without that also.