Level 2 - Vital Spark

Emotional Insights Level 2 is a journey into a life of great bounty and prosperity. 

Level 2 programme incorporates practice of an ancient Eastern technique (Tratak) that enhances the personal power of the participants by leaps and bounds. This jump in personal power leads to increased confidence, increased self-esteem, higher charisma, higher courage and execution power. It also leads to increased intuitive powers.

All these are great tools to make it big in the area of your professional world leading to great prosperity. Combined with this is a set of interesting sessions on the science of prosperity and an initiation into prosperity consciousness.

All prosperity consciousness is only a result of your personal power and beliefs related to prosperity. Besides the enhancement of personal power, the entire endeavour in the Level 2 programme is to replace the unproductive beliefs into a new set of productive prosperity beliefs. This is achieved by doing away with the unresolved emotions that make our current consciousness sticky with poverty beliefs.

With transformation in these two areas, within a matter of few weeks the participant experiences bounties and abundance.

Logistics :

A three-day residential retreat on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday.​


"A joyful, healthy and abundant life is pouring itself upon us all, RIGHT NOW.  We mistakenly spend our experience trying to get something instead of simply receiving that which is already given to us.​