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In today’s world, emotional intelligence has become a trait that is much sought after. Even the corporate world and traditional psycho-therapy acknowledges the importance of Emotional Intelligence. We often hear people raving about EQ (Emotional Quotient) as being so much more important than IQ.

Wikipedia defines Emotional Intelligence as :

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

The need for emotional intelligence in business decision-making cannot be overstressed. Any person who experiences emotional imbalance has often been altered, to a small or large extent, at a biochemical level. Not much can be done until the very biochemistry is reversed.

We feel we have understood this aspect much better than others who are into the business of facilitating Emotional Intelligence. If Emotional Intelligence is to be restored in its most optimal way, we require a technology that can work at the level of the biochemistry.

The key lies in mastering a technology that can help us neutralise the effect of all emotional stressors. The key lies in having a stress management tool at our disposal all the while.

At SSY Emotional Insights, this is precisely our endeavour. We specialise in offering you a solution that is most simple, self-facilitated and incredibly powerful. We handhold you all the way till you master this technology that begets Emotional Intelligence.

We do not believe in pep talks about Emotional Intelligence. We have seen that that approach leads to very short-term results. We prefer to work at the level of bio-chemistry and cellular release.

Our technique is a specialised form of breathwork and body experiencing exercise required to be done for a few minutes on a daily basis. This unique breathwork-cum-body experiencing approach is tailor-made to enhance Emotional Maturity. This formula has worked for hundreds of our past participants, if not thousands. It is so simple and powerful that it just cant fail.

Combined with knowledge sessions that enhance your understanding of emotional stressors and initiate you into the wise way to deal with them, our training equips you with a sure-shot proven emotional intelligence technique that propels into a lifestyle of authentic peace, joy and love.