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SSY stands for 'Siddha Samadhi Yoga' (often expanded as ‘Science of Silence Yoga’) where Siddha means ‘something (i.e., knowledge) that is proven or accomplished’, Samadhi means ‘a state in  which the intellect is equanimous’ and Yoga means ‘union with one’s higher self’.

SSY is the fundamental knowledge of life. Our ancient rishis had formulated a unique mode of training called Brahmopadesam, which is an instruction on the science of non-doing and experiencing stillness within and abundance without. It brings about a sea change in one’s outlook towards life and effects remarkable maturity in the individual. SSY is nothing but the present-day version of this ancient science of Brahmopadesam.

SSY as a training programme is offered by Life Yessence Academy (LiYA), and it is the flagship programme of the institution. Being the flagship programme, it has become synonymous with the name of the organisation. Trainings of this great knowledge are taught in many places in the world by teachers of LiYA. The Indian chapter of LiYA is called Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra (RSVK).

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“I am the Body” is the first notion that kills the awakening.  SSY is  the process
To enter into Samadhi, the state  of  total  detachment.