Interesting Health report of Guruji

Interesting Health report of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar on 4th May 13

How  Guruji came out of a false CANCER alarm?

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Guruji found himself very weak after a four months trip to US with family. By February 3rd, he could not even walk 10 steps. In the trip, he could not get the vegetarian meals. Full vegetarian meals is available only in Indian Homes. When you go for museums, great sights like Grand Canyon or Yosemite, you have no foods you can eat.  He was exposed to extreme cold weather. He got himself admitted in Pune to a hospital on 5th February.

Blood Report of Guruji when admitted in hospital:

Normal Range Guruji’s Report
Heartbeat 13-18 4
WBC 5000-11000 1800
RBC 4.5-6.5 1.39
Platelets 1.4-4 1.2

At this stage, a person can have a sudden cardiac arrest even for climbing a few steps. This is because of lack of oxygen to the heart. Now, read on what happened.

Blood report of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar on 27th april and 4th may 2013:

Hamoglobin 11.4-12.24
Platelets 78-1.26
WBC 4200-5300


That means, Guruji is out of danger and the body is producing all the cells. Rest and eating full meals as per Udipi Brahmin tradition along with fish oil supplement and grass juice has made the recovery from acute Anemia possible. Three times a day for three days of Pappayya leaf juice  (two to Three tea spoons) was the booster dosage. Now the body can digest 30% raw food and whole grain meals. Initially only double cooked lean kichadi was all that could be digested in small quantities thrice a day.

In Guruji’s own words…

‘”Carefully listening to the body needs and body capacity was needed.”

Whenever I exercised the body when it was weak led to dramatic dropping of hemoglobin. Taking complete rest instead of exercising was needed. Taking enough blood transfusion to bring hemoglobin up to 14 was the necessary kick support. If body was kept at hemoglobin 8 to 11, it would not recover.


Doctors were in a hurry to diagnose and had wrongly concluded it as beginning stages blood cancer requiring bone marrow transfusion etc. I felt that it was a wrong diagnosis and asked them to let the body rest and recover. Every act of testing with punctured wounds was delaying the recovery and further weakening the body. At last they listened instead of creating panic. In the mean time, we spent money for testing bone marrow twice, CT scan and nuclear testing for cancer.These are my observations. Taking any drug was counter-productive and would lead to Diarrhea. Rest, blood transfusion, fruit and juices along with light, well cooked foods is the solution along with the booster dosage of Pappayya juice for three days.

All tests revealed that the body was perfectly OK.

Doctors are always creating panic on an already weakened patient’s body and mind instead of giving Abaya (Fearlessness).

But you cannot avoid Doctors in an emergency for Blood transfusion. The first time I was in hospital they gave me B 12 instead of blood transfusion and discharged me. I felt no better and called other Doctors for help. They told and convinced the head Doctor of a famous hospital in Pune to give blood transfusion not B12.

They drilled my bone in-spite of my protests and on top of it wrongly diagnosed the condition as blood cancer causing much worry for all. This is the state of the great modern medicine today. I had to study my own condition from the Internet and do the correct diagnosis and train the Doctors.

Doctors have a monopoly on your body. You cannot take a blood transfusion without their permission. And they do not listen to you.

My MDS diagnosis was wrong. It mostly happens to persons after chemo therapy. Mine was just a case of malnourishment, strain and exposure to severe cold. But our Doctors don’t listen in-spite of telling them.

They want to make a mountain of a molehill.

Now, I want to express my learnings from these stays in Hospitals and consulting many great specialists. I hope they will read the following and understand the predicament of Patients.

Visit the Following link to know What Guruji shared about his learnings:


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