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  • Perfection and imperfection

    By on Jul 24, 17
    Perfection and imperfection

    Most of us know how much Guruji was at ease with things however imperfect they were. In fact, most of the times he would just allow all chaos around him. But there was another dimension to him too. He was perfection personified. Not just that, he was discipline personified as well. If you want to know how to be disciplined, learn from Guruji. If you also want to know how to be in-disciplined, learn from Guruji...

  • Healing

    By on May 14, 17

    Depending only on food for prana makes a person ordinary. Highest persons, persons like Meera Bai, get their food directly from space through merging Atma-Paramatman merger and elimination of the Ego boundary with Bhakti and total surrender fullness . This is when the spirit has taken over the body. At that time, the prana starts flowing unhindered. Prana flow creates uncontrolled movements and starts cutting through dirt that is holding up Prana flow all by itself. ...

  • Believing in Karma makes you Weak

    By on Apr 10, 17
    Believing in Karma makes you Weak

    I come from a Jain family. Amongst Jains and Christians, there is a very strong concept of sin. Amongst Jains, Buddhists and Hindus, there is a very strong concept of Karma. Essentially, I grew up in surroundings that had a very strong overtone of the concept of Karma and sin (negative karma) and merit (positive karma)...

  • The Joy is in the Details

    By on Apr 3, 17
    The Joy is in the Details

    Knowledge and Awareness: Why is it so that knowledge is given so much of importance all over the world? Why is it that Goddess Saraswati is given so much of respect and importance? Increase in Knowledge may not necessarily mean Increase in Awareness BUT Increase in Awareness definitely means Increase in Knowledge...

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